Enable global talent to work independently
while solving clients' complex business challenges

certace is based on the belief that ace talents will choose working independently over fixed employment. In particular, data scientists derive their motivation from working on the most diverse data challenges from different companies. Like business consultants, they can add the most value to your project if they have worked with varied data sets and apply their experience from them. We not only believe that the way we work will change, but we can already see it happening!

We are convinced that businesses benefit immensely from the knowledge that independent data scientists provide. Companies are increasingly set up around projects and struggle to find the optimal resources. At the same time, we are aware that it is far from trivial to choose the right talent, especially in such a high-complexity discipline, and even more so if the project is high stake. This is why certace takes care of pre-selecting the best talents in a complex process and presents you with the best match for your project.

By providing a platform where we can present our clients with ace data scientists, we want to give gifted people a chance to work on the most interesting projects – even if they lack the self-promotion gene. 

The evolution of certace

The idea was born when we started working with freelancers more and more, but realized it was almost impossible to differentiate the best from average talent before actually having worked with them. This became particularly evident for data-driven professions; therefore, we started pitching the idea of a multidimensional data scientist assessment that would lead to certified aces – certace.

certace is owned by a-connect, the human resourcefulness enterprise™, which helps leading global businesses confront the future by increasing the pace and impact of their critical projects. a-connect offers a disruptive approach to supporting global corporations with an innovative networked consulting model: A large number of the world's best consultants and experts are no longer employed but work as independent professionals.

With 9 offices around the world, a-connect has built an unrivalled global network of some 1900 independent professionals, delivered over 2600 projects successfully across 50 countries leading to 2,400,000 hours of human resourcefulness delivered since the inception in 2002. These numbers speak for themselves and make us confident that certace has found an ideal partner to take upon the challenge of connecting elite data experts to highly complex data projects and thereby helping clients advance through predictive data. 



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