Why should I use certace?
If you are already using data science to generate business insights, you know how difficult and time-consuming it is to find the data experts you need. certace experts don’t come with the bias of knowing your business, but instead challenge the data you are already working with. If you just want one expert, that is fine with us. We will not sell you a whole team if you don’t need it.
If you have not yet been leveraging the power of data science, there is so much that certace can provide you with. First and foremost, we take care of the whole process of qualifying data experts. Instead of working with a full service agency, you will get an expert that fits your specific project description best. Read in our scoping a data project section what needs to be specified before project kick-off.

What does a typical data science project look like?
There is no ‘typical’ project, but there are some types of challenges that most companies face and that, therefore, make great projects to develop a competitive advantage through the use of data science. One example could be predictive analysis and development of customer knowledge – e.g. if customers buy, how many times they will buy; and if they are likely to default or, more precisely, when customers will buy or default. Visit our success stories section to get more information.

How much does certace charge?
This really depends on the project and the demand for a specific area of expertise. Talents’ expectations of their daily rate also vary based on their geographical location and expertise. As a client, you are able to influence the rate to some degree – e.g. by not insisting that data science experts work on site. If remote work is accepted, most data scientists would have lower daily rates than if they have to travel.
The first seven days of an assignment are completely risk free, but usually our experts are definitely worth the money.

Where do you get your talents from?
The data science community is very well connected. Therefore, most of our talents are referred to us by our early adopters. Additionally, we cooperate with universities to maintain a pipeline of fresh talent.

What sort of data scientists are on your platform?
Our data scientists have very different backgrounds, but what they have in common is that they are aces in their respective fields. Many have a mathematics, statistics, physics or computer science background, and are extremely motivated to solve new data challenges each day. Read about some data scientists who joined the certace network.

Where are the data scientist based? Are they willing to travel?
certace is a completely global business; hence, our data scientists are based all over the world. Many of them are willing to travel if the client requests them to be on site, but to get the best match for your project we advise clients to be open minded for remote-working talents too.

Do the data scientists speak English?
Yes, all data scientists who are part of the network have had to go through two interviews and are able to communicate in English.

How do you ensure that data scientists really have the necessary qualifications?
All our data science experts must complete a multidimensional assessment when they apply to join the network. The assessment is dynamic, meaning that talents must answer different test questions based on their expertise. In the last stage, each candidate is interviewed by two peers, each of which makes a recommendation on whether the candidate should be invited to join certace or not.

How do you guarantee data safety?
All independent data experts that pass the certace Data Scientist Assessment need to sign a consulting service level agreement if they want to work on projects. These agreements are more watertight than contracts of full time employees in leading financial institutions. If required, we can also provide more background information on the data professional chosen by the client, but this will cause a slight delay until project kick-off.

Who does the intellectual property belong to?
All work created by a certace freelancer is the property of the client.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the quality of work?
While we really try to provide you with the best match for your project, we understand that there remains a residual risk that you might not get along on a personal level, or that the work doesn’t correspond to your expectations. In that case, we would immediately look for a replacement.

Do you have any other questions?
We would be happy to speak with you! Contact us via info@certace.com.
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