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Businesses today are accumulating new data at a rate that exceeds their capacity to extract value from it, mainly because of a lack of internal talent. This is where certace can add value for your firm. Whether you need an expert in sales predictions, machine learning, epidemiology, or any other data science discipline, we can help you find the perfect match for your project. All the data scientists in our network have passed a multidimensional assessment and are equipped with all the necessary skills to deliver impactful results. The better the problem is defined from your side and the more easily available the data, the better and faster the solution will be.

Our data science experts have worked on millions of data points in various industries. Most of the projects center around making predictions for the future of business organizations, such as:

R&D Marketing Sales / Logistics Risk
  • Discovery
  • Effectiveness studies
  • Algorithms to measure which attributes drive product success
  • Customer lifetime value and loyalty
  • Customer churn
  • Basket value
  • Pricing 
  • Volume forecasting per region/season
  • Process improvements
  • COGS optimization
  • Credit risk
  • Investment risk
  • Claims prediction
  • Fraud detection

Sentiment analysis for churn prevention

For an electronics and high tech organization problem taxonomy was applied on textual data to identify unhappy customers in an early stage to prevent churn.
By developing and implementing sentiment analysis models customer perception was monitored and based on this predictive models to sense customer pain points were built. Thereupon, complaints and overall dissatisfaction were reduced which decreased contingent loss for about $2M for the first year after implementation.

e-commerce optimization

In e-commerce, success is based on three pillars: assortment, user experience and logistics. In all three areas data insights can become a game changer. One of our experts developed a model to predict the relevance of search results to improve customers’ shopping experience. Another expert built a model to predict delivery timeslots to optimize logistics operations, based on historical geospatial breadcrumb data.

Risk management

An exemplary project for a marketplace lending business forecasted the likelihood of credit default risk, which borrowers were most likely to default, and at which point in their loans. By evaluating this, the company had a chance to flag risky clients and offer them different terms from low-risk clients.


Do you also want to benefit from turning your data into actions? Start by looking for a data expert and read here how you can benefit from predictive data analysis.


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